Organization’s Profile

Anderson Educational & Charitable Trust (AECT) was established in 1994. The Trust was established with the goal of bringing a holistic transformation in education, health and socio economy among poor people in India.

Anderson Educational & Charitable Trust (AECT) renders its service through following area:

Training and Leadership Community Centre

* Leadership Training Men, Women, Youth & Children
* Media Ministry

Child Care & Education

* Schools
* Home for children (Orphanage)
* Day care program center
* Academic coaching centers
* Center for higher education
* Mobile education centers
* Mobile library

Relief & Rehabilitation

* Immediate relief
* Inter mediate rehabilitation
* Long term development and holistic transformation

Community Development

* Socio – economic developments
* Health care program
* Skill based vocational trainings
* Micro credit program
* Micro business units and production centers
* Environmental sustainability programme

Medical Care

* Leprosy Relief
* Blind Relief
* Medical Camps
* Awareness Programs